Thursday, January 1, 2009

my ribbon storage and ear stuff

We made it back safely last night from our quick visit to see my dad and step-mom and for my son's hearing appt.  We are so glad that we got a second opinion!  One of his ears is already clear of fluid (from his Dec 16th appt).  So, we are watching the other ear and took him off dairy for a month.  He has another appointment Jan 22nd.  We are not doing any surgery right now.  We are much happier with this because it was very sudden and the other doctor had never even seen him before and just wanted to do surgery with no other options for treatment.  We are much happier with the new doctor and will be seeing him again.

Anyway, I have not had a chance to stamp since before Christmas!  Yikes!  I can't believe it is already January and a new year.  I plan to go stamp a little after I get this posted.  I've also been rearranging and sorting stuff while I pick up my paper crafting disaster area! lol  It took me forever to sort all those dew drops by color.  I'm getting rid of the bottles and storing them in baggies right now.  It takes up lots less room.

I thought I would share some storage posts now and then with how I store my own supplies just in case it might help someone out.  First up is my ribbon storage my husband built me for Christmas.

This is part of my desk and shelving that my husband built for me last year.  I had all my spools of ribbon on these dowels and I was growing out of room.  Right now, I have all of my Papertrey Ink ribbon above my desk since I use it all the time. (I'll share the rest of my desk in another photo later. It's badly in need of cleaning right now!)

Then, my husband built this other ribbon storage unit for me this year.  It's 2' x 3' with 9 dowels for storing ribbon.  Eventually, I will move my Papertrey ribbon over when I grow out of room since it is what my husband designed it for.  Right now, it has some extra Papertrey ribbon on the top.  The other ribbon is May Arts, Off Ray, Target, SU, and American Crafts.

I have my short pieces of ribbon on these ribbon cards by Cropper Hopper.  They fit perfectly in the four drawer until by Crop in Style.  The cubes are very nice quality and I would love more if I had the space.

Hope that helps give some ideas for ribbon storage.  Have a great day!



Diane said...

I love your ribbon storage. I have to come up with something, but it can't hang on a wall - I just don't have the space. Please keep the organization ideas coming.
I'm glad you got a second opinion. Listen to your "mother's intuition". I did, and it saved my son's life.

Monica said...

WOW that's A LOT if ribbon girl! LoL
Lookd liek your DH did a super nice job on that ribbon rack! Lucky Lucky gal!

Michele aka DerbyLea said...

What a nice hubby you have. I am going to need more storage soon, or else I will need to stop buying!

Cindy said...

Your husband is a talented guy. The large ribbon holder looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing - it's fun to see how others store things:)

patti moffett said...

can't wait to send pics to my son...birthday coming up

Teresa Curtis said...

Sorry to hear about your son and his ears..poor thing! Some dr's are sure quick to get that fast money in their hands it can seem. I had several of my nieces and nephews end up getting tubes in their ears and they seemed to have less infections than my own kids did. I also would get frequent ear infections and in my early 20's I had a really nasty one..they put wicks in my ears at one visit to allow the draining because my ear canals were even swollen and they just couldnt drain nor could the ear drops get into them. It didnt hurt anymore than the pain I was already in, and actually felt like a relief. I had never heard of this before so I cannot tell you much about it, but I know my infection did get better. (It was one where the bone and area behind the ears was even swollen and sore..lots of fluid and infection)
Hope he gets feeling better quick, those can make you miserable. And you may want to ask about the wicks as a possibility before going with tubes.
Good luck hon

LuvLee said...

Ohhhh I love that ribbon storage!! me some ideas to run by FIL when he comes up to work on some projects here!! LOL

Velta said...

I know what you mean about the creating space being a mess...I am so OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to cleaning up my place, but since Christmas and my family being sick (including me) my area is a huge mess. Love your ribbon storage...Wishing your son only good health for 2009 :)

Bryt said...

wow it's like a designer's heaven!

Geny said...

Hooray, I am so glad you got a second opinion and that his ears seem to be improving! Sorry to be so late in commenting, I am a little behind in my blog reading:)! Happy New Year!

Karen said...

Love your ribbon storage! How big are the CH cards? And how long of a piece of ribbon comfortably fits onto a card? I'm trying to reorganize my oodles and oodles (and oodles and more oodles) of ribbon and I'm having a bit of a difficult time finding a solution that will work for me. Thanks!! It sure is a pretty thing to see all of that ribbon neatly organized and displayed! :>