Tuesday, May 22, 2012

free PL journaling cards

Hi Everyone,

I decided that I'm not going to be sharing my Project Life album online anymore for personal reasons and privacy.  (I'm just not really comfortable putting photos of my kids online and losing control of them.  I know I'm probably being overprotective, but it is what it is.)  Anyway, I shared these free journaling cards on one of my earlier posts, but since I removed that post, I thought I would upload them again here.  I have some others, too, that I plan to share in the future. 6a010536274932970b0168e56ee371970c-600wi
These are the three journaling cards that you can download for free here: Download Family and happy journaling cards.  (Sorry, I haven't figured out how to save the files as png on my computer so they are in a pdf file.)  You can print them on any color of cardstock that you want.  I printed mine on kraft cardstock.  The gray lines are cut lines.  They are for Personal Use Only.  Please do not email the file.  Please link to my blog so others can download the file from here.  Thanks!

Off to work on a card for the upcoming Whimsy release.  Have a great day!



Queen Mary said...

Niki, I think you are being wise, although I will miss your designs.

Niki Estes said...

Thanks, Mary! I may still share some of the other stuff I create for it, but not the photos. I don't know if anyone will be interested in just the other stuff, though. Anyway, thanks for understanding! I still be sharing cards, of course. :)

Barb W said...

In todays world, I completely understand your decision, but like Queen Mary, I am so going to miss your designs. I have always gotten so much inspiration from your posts, and will continue to follow your thoughts and ideas.

Priya Venkat said...

A wise decision certainly. I've always wondered how people can post personal journaling and pictures of family out here on the Internet. Maybe that's why I haven't jumped on the PL bandwagon yet. That and the commitment it requires. I come here for your cards and I will continue to do so for the wonderful inspiration that you provide. Thanks for that.

vicki dutcher said...

Nope with this crazy society I don't blame you at all! You and your family can enjoy them, and we will see what you decide to show us! Good for you~

Patty from FL said...

When I saw the pictures I immediately wondered whose kids they were. You're wise to remove them. It's so unfortunate we have to think that way these days.