Thursday, July 24, 2014

more bags

I am back again, but to share something this time instead of pestering you all for ideas. :)  I finished the bags for my older children last week, but didn't get a chance to take photos.  They had to use them right away so they aren't quite as crisp as they were when I finished them, but they are being put lovingly to use and that's more important any way.

My daughter chose a pretty pink fabric for the handles and lining and a burgundy floral pattern with some pretty pink flowers for the outside fabric.  I used Amy's Easy Fat Quarter Bag tutorial again for both bags.

It's hard to believe she is 8 already.  She's my tomboy who still loves pink and some girly things, but she can definitely keep up with the boys.  I guess that comes from being surrounded by brothers.  Although I've never really been too girly and I have 3 sisters.  So, who knows . . .

My oldest son loves ambulances, fire trucks, police cards, helicopters, etc.  Pretty much anything with flashing lights and sirens.  This fabric I found was perfect for him.  We paired it with a navy blue for the straps and the lining is the same as the outer fabric.

He's already 10 years old and growing up so quickly.  He was still excited about his bag, though.  I love seeing how they are all excited to use them.

J had to sneak in the photo with his bag again so he wouldn't feel left out.  lol

And Baby T had to help with photos again, too.  Not sure what it is about hanging the bags on a door knob to snap a photo of them, but it makes them irresistible.  :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!  We are off to go camping!

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Gabby said...

NICE new header and blog name. Great bags for your cuters kids. They look so happy to have them. :)