Thursday, June 9, 2016

Half Square Triangle Quilt

It's been a long time since I posted.  I figured it might be now or never. lol  We moved back in December and things have been so busy.  (When isn't life busy with 4 kiddos?!?!)  I finally sewed again today for the first time in the new house.  My son requested a quilt for his birthday later this month.  So, I'm finally getting back to it.  I've really missed it.  I love seeing my kids curled up under one of the quilts I've made or using something else that I've made for them.  I'm not sure how often I will post here, but I do post more frequently over on Instagram if you would like to follow me there.

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I don't have any new creations to share, but I thought I would share this quilt I made last year that I never shared here.  I had decided to try my hand at half square triangles and they were really not too hard.  I didn't follow a pattern, but I started with 5 inch squares and after sewing and trimming, they are 3.5 inches.  (Just in case anyone needs that...)

I used some older fabric that I had in my stash from Riley Blake called Scoot.  

I have been debating if I should sell a bunch of my stamps.  I'm just not sure at this point if I am going to use them again.  There are some I want to keep, but some I know I won't use again even though I love the companies.  I just don't know if I have enough readers anymore (or any . . . ) to sell them here on my blog.  Anyone have any tips they want to share if you've sold off a lot of paper crafting stuff?  Many of the stamps are discontinued so I would have to be able to post photos of them because I don't remember the names of the stamps anymore.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great summer!  My kiddos had their last day of school today!
Niki :)


Debra said...

You sew such great stuff! I still remember the bags you made for your kids. So nice! Glad you got moved into your new house. That must have been a job! Love your quilts! Your kids are so lucky to have you make them. I would be interested in seeing (or hearing) what you have for sale. I imagine it's a lot of work to take pictures and list it all. You could just have a list and if anyone was interested they could ask for a pic.

Karen said...

Hi Niki, So, so nice to hear from you. I bet the kids are getting big. I love the quilt, so great for a boy. I have to tell you that I am now semi retired so I started quilting about 2 months ago. Small world. I am working on my old, (34yrs) Kenmore 8 and I don't have the ability to quilt on this machine. I have 3 quilts ready to send out but am afraid to hear what it will cost. I still make cards for the shelter but not every day like I used to. Have a great summer with the kids. hugs-karen

Mary O'C said...

Hi Nikki,

Beautiful quilts! As for selling off your stamps, I actually check your blog every few months to see if you're selling anything new. I've bought from you several times. So, I for one would be interested in looking at anything else you have to sell. Thanks!